Designed for Resellers

50+ Tests to Detect Over 100
Possible Defects
and Process 40+ Devices Per Hour

Cellular Optics empowers merchants with software to buy and sell used devices with confidence

All In One Solution

No more disconnected processes and unstandardized workflows. Get the right result every time, no matter who is working.


Let our software power your device diagnostics by automatically loading everything on to as many devices as your hubs can handle.

Lock Detection

No wrong buys here. Never purchase a locked device again or take a return on a device that shouldn’t have been sold.

IMEI & SIM Lock Checks

Clear for Activation? Reported lost or stolen? Unpaid bills? Rest assured you have all of the information on every single device.

Battery Health

Buy and sell your devices accurately and set up custom rules to create an auto-stop if a battery level is below a certain threshold that doesn’t work for your business.

Label Printing

Let Cellular Optics perform a complete diagnostic on your devices and then neatly print out a customizable label that can be scanned.

Cloud Database

Have a remote team or multiple warehouses? No problem – our software allows you to check in from anywhere since all results are pushed to the cloud in real time.

Secure Data Erasure

Keep your client’s data safe and secure by performing a full wipe on multiple devices at once with the click of a button.

Customization & Updates

Build custom workflows and add or remove tests to fit your current triage process. Or better yet, build new ones that are more efficient.

API Integrations

Cellular Optics plays nice with all applications to help you get more done in your business. We offer a fully open API to connect to internal and external applications.

Increase Resale Value

Increase Resale Value

Cellular Optics Certified Devices are more liquid and garner higher pricing at both the wholesale and retail level.


Marketplace & Individual Reports

Add your test results to your marketplace and individual listings to visually brand your devices and let your customers know your devices have been thoroughly tested.

Guaranteed Assurance

Guaranteed Assurance

Every single device comes with our buyback guarantee. If our software misses an eligible IMEI Check during the diagnostics, we’ll buyback the device.

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Cellular Optics takes the question mark out of the assurance that devices are being checked accurately and consistently. The labels have all the information we need and more!


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